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Join our Racing Team

Meet Our Founder and Professional Driver Blake Fuller!

Blake Fuller disrupted battery technology and the automotive racing industry.

At at 18 he became the youngest Rookie of the Year at Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Shortly thereafter he founded Braille Battery and went on to invent the 1st Lithium Ion Starting Battery.

With over 100 battery designs to his credit, Blake's batteries power professional racing cars around the globe and are in every IndyCar, V8 Supercar, DTM racer and 1,000's of other vehicles. Blake also invented lithium Wearable Power Solutions like the GO PUCK. And his EV battery designs are found in Military and high-performance E-Mobility vehicles.

Blake is also famous for being the 1st driver to pilot a Tesla to an accredited international win. He is the current Production Electric record holder at Pikes Peak and has many new records that are in process at this time.

Blake created the Electric Performance channel in 2020 to showcase the advancement of electric technology and enable him to share his experiences and knowledge with the whole community.

He believes we all need more Electric Performance!

Join us on our Road to Pikes Peak! Where we journey to cross the finish line in our Performance Model 3.

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email: info@electricperformance.tv