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We made history with Community Sponsorship - Now we want to Return to Pikes Peak with a Tesla Model S PLAID!

In 2020 - Won Pikes Peak in  and set a new record (Tesla Model 3 Performance)
In 2021 - Won Mt. Washington and set the fastest ever EV time (Tesla Model S Plaid)


With your help: We want to set a new record at the 100th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb!

Planned Vehicle - Tesla Model S Plaid.


- Each Purchase Includes:

  • Your Name on a decal placed on car for the race!
  • Your Name shown on the car on our community sponsor page
  • Your Name on the back of the Race Shirt
  • 20% Discount on all merchandise

ALSO: One decal signed by Blake will be mailed after the event  - Shipping cost will be determined by address and speed of shipping and billed after the event. (If you order merchandise after the event, it will be shipped with the merchandise)

Why do we need your help?
We simply can't afford to do this without financial support. We have regular day jobs and rely on volunteers, a lot of hard work and determination. Yet, the costs of the vehicle, preparation, testing and travel all are hard costs that we need sponsorship assistance.

Pikes Peak Event Details:

  • 100th Running of the Event
  • Invite Only
  • Summer 2022 (team testing and preparations are already happening)
  • 12.54 Miles - 14,110 feet. Speeds over 130mph!


    - If you were part of the winning team for Pikes Peak in 2020 or Mt. Washington we thank you and hope you can support us us for this history making event!

    NOTE: Based on requests on the last car, we are now accommodating for more than one decal location per customer! (If you want to buy up to 10 decals, we will make it happen).

    Disclaimer: The image shown is not the final shape and only for reference and marketing. Our decals will allow for a variety of names and flow with the design of the car. The location shown and any renderings are not final or guaranteed, unless otherwise stated. 

    We have record of making history - Because of supporters like You!

     NOTE: Our driver, Blake Fuller was the 1st to ever WIN a sanctioned major race in a Tesla Model S in 2016. Thanks to the community, we returned in 2020 and broke a new record. Here is an epic shot from 2016: